Emone Quadeem ‘True To My Story’

‘True To My Name’ is insight to Emone Quadeem’s honest and humble character in and out of the booth. The Chicago emcee is secure and fearless when it comes to showcasing his originality. Sometimes by the title alone you can get a feel of what the album will be about.

“Racks In My Casket”, EQ takes us through his journey in life with him. It’s like the first chapter of his novel. He’s pouring his agony onto paper. Notice how the mood of the content matches the instrumental. Quadeem displays his versatility effectively throughout his story. We have the beginning exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action as “the wait is over” and the resolution. As he’s overcoming challenges, I see the resolution being the song itself.

At first glance, “20/20 Vision” gives us a taste of the force Emone Quadeem is really moving with. “I can’t work for pennies at the penitentiary, I can’t rock these Fendi’s punching clock at Wendy’s”. His vision is clear; he knows what he wants and how he’ll get there. This track evokes power and confidence. “Don’t need no directions to the top ’cause I know the way”. 20/20 vision.

Every track on ‘True To My Name’ fits the title appropriately. EQ put in the work year after year. “That’s Cause I Knew” expresses why he is no where near finished.

Then, “Get It Straight” is a beautiful, empowering record for anyone who is goal-driven. You can feel the sound in your soul. The punchlines and the wordplay make the message much more effective. It’s a different ballgame with an emcee such as Emone Quadeem.

With instruments and auto tune, “Vol De Mort” introduces us to a different sound.

“C’est La Vie” –meaning “that’s life” –is another moving record that shows how a song can be brought to life. The hook is a softer touch to EQ’s hard-hitting rhythm. “They hurt because I keep doing my thing, I am no blood but my pockets inflamed, I am no cuz but it’s blue in my veins, calling your bluff give a f*** ’bout the fame”.

Just as the song title itself, “Love Hate”, he illustrates how he loves the animosity. It motivates us in ways they are unaware of. “They’re chasing the fame, I’m in love with the chase”. Some will relate. Many won’t. Regardless, Emone Quadeem is true to his name.

On the other hand, “Mink Coat” has more of a victorious theme. He is symbolizing his road to riches with the mink coat.

‘True To My Name’ is available on all major media outlets including: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud, and Tidal.

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